Kitting Warehouse Services

It can be difficult to manage your complicated fulfillment operations when they include ecommerce, omnichannel and retail fulfillment on top of additional warehouse services like product kitting, assembly and light manufacturing. Kitting fulfillment and assembly services can be very beneficial for companies that are looking to streamline their supply chain and warehouse processes, especially in industries where product output and demand tend to fluctuate.


At ITS Logistics, our kitting and assembly services allow you to outsource projects to us that would otherwise monopolize your valuable time and warehouse space. We provide flexible solutions that won’t require you to dedicate endless time and resources to them. Regardless of what combination of our kitting, assembly or light manufacturing services you require, our efficient and flexible processes are designed to ensure that we can create a customized solution for you—and save you money while doing so.

What is kitting?

We offer several warehouse kitting and assembly services. The kitting process consists of compiling individual items into ready to ship packages, known as kits. This kitting process typically uses an assembly line and a variety of pick and pack fulfillment methods. There are several circumstances in which a company might use this kind of kitting service.


The most common aspect of kitting is when someone orders multiple items from your website. Instead of sending each individual item in its own package, items are packaged in one box and shipped together. Another example is if you sell an electronic in multiple countries, and each box needs to be packaged with a different charger or adaptor based on the shipping destination. A third common example is subscription boxes. No matter what kind of kitting you need, we can handle the details for you in an efficient way, so you don’t have to worry about it. Our kitting and assembly experts will bundle the items together in customized kits that are shipped as one unit.


Light manufacturing

Another aspect of kitting and assembly fulfillment is light manufacturing, also known as production as a service. We understand that sometimes you might need part of your packaging or boxes built out before shipping to the customer, or maybe you need your product modified slightly before shipping. It doesn’t make sense for you to send us an empty box to pack your items in, but with our light manufacturing services, you don’t have to worry about the costly and convoluted process of assembly or modification.


We also know that not everything always goes as planned in this industry. If something happens to your product during the manufacturing or shipping process, we can help. Whether one of your products needs paint touched up, battery replacement or component replacement, we can create an effective and efficient solution for you.


Start-to-finish kitting and assembly process

When you outsource your kitting process to ITS Logistics, we manage the entire operation in a way that prevents errors and saves time. Our kitting and assembly experts use our advanced warehouse management system throughout the kitting process. We also have a custom software called Flexpick 2.0 that has a variety of capabilities to increase the efficiency of our pick and pack operations.


When a package with several separate items is ordered, warehouse staff members use SKUs to identify which items to pick for order fulfillment. Once these items are kitted together within the WMS, an individual SKU is assigned to that bundle. The bundle is then packaged together and prepared for shipping.


Delivering better value through kitting and assembly

Having a comprehensive and effective kitting and assembly process is beneficial for your company because it allows items to be fulfilled faster, it reduces mistakes, and it makes packaging more efficient and cost-effective. When you outsource your warehouse kitting service to ITS Logistics, we handle everything from inventory management and storage to product kitting, light assembly and full fulfillment service. Our staff will create logistics solutions for your business that are designed to give you the best bang for your buck—and they always include our excellent customer service.


How to get started

If you’re looking for kitting, assembly and light manufacturing services, we can help. We provide customized kitting and assembly processes designed precisely for your business. We place great importance on helping your business run smoothly and we know that having an efficient and flexible kitting and assembly system in place is hugely important for that.


ITS Logistics provides complete warehousing services. Learn about our AIB International Certified food warehousing capabilities.

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