We care about our carriers

Keeping you loaded and on the move

No matter your size, ITS gives you access to our growing list of thousands of nation-wide shippers—offering all equipment types in all industries. Our relationship with our carriers is our most valuable asset, so join our carrier network and you’ll get a dedicated, single point of contact available to you 24/7/365. As an ITS carrier, you’ll earn one of the highest rates per mile in the industry, and you’ll be paid quickly and accurately after every load.

Announcing 1.9% Quick Pay Rate!


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Enjoy these benefits as an ITS carrier

Get paid on-time, every time
With QuickPay/ACH options, we make
sure getting paid is never an issue.
We commit to a long-term
relationship with you.
We specialize in long-term
freight opportunities.
Freight in all modes
Haul shipments of all
kinds and sizes.
Keep you on the road
From one-way to round-trip opportunities,
we’ll keep you on the move.
We’re here for you
Our Carrier Relationship team
is available to you 24/7/365.

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