Pick and Pack Fulfillment Services

Pick and pack fulfillment services are what most ecommerce organizations use when shipping orders. At ITS Logistics, we have the capability to design the ideal supply chain solution that fits your business needs and increases customer satisfaction. We utilize pick and pack in several of our order fulfillment services, including subscription box fulfillment and direct to customer fulfillment. No matter what you need, we’re here to help.

What is pick and pack fulfillment?

The pick and pack fulfillment process begins when someone clicks “order” on your website. It is the process of accurately picking items or multiple orders from a warehouse or fulfillment center, packing them according to a specific standard operating procedure including any kitting or custom packaging, affixing a shipping label, and shipping the package directly to your customer. A few examples of commonly used piece picking solutions are:

  • Zone picking: Order pickers are assigned to a physical location where they pick all the SKUs
  • Batch picking: One warehouse worker picks a group or batch of customer orders at the same time
  • Cluster picking: Orders are picked into multiple order containers at one time
  • Wave picking: One person picks one order or SKU at a time

In our fulfillment warehouse at ITS, we use standard picking options including cluster cart picking, various batch picking options, and specialized picking scenarios that can be customized to your needs based on service requirements and order profiles and attributes.


Our approach to pick and pack fulfillment

At ITS, we will design a creative logistics fulfillment solution specifically for your business. We know that your customers expect a positive experience-and this can depend heavily on the ability of your fulfillment company to manage their picking process accurately and efficiently. Our distribution centers can be designed to fit your business needs to offer your business a cost-efficient operation that meets your customers’ high service expectations. We also have a comprehensive in-house software development team that designs and implements custom software solutions that allow the automation of manual processes and increase productivity. One example of this is Flexpick 2.0, which consists of proprietary picking and packing modules developed on an Azure Cloud server. Its capabilities include batch singles, batch multi with put-to-light or put wall, and traditional cluster cart picking. This software allows us to increase our productivity by a substantial margin and streamline client onboarding. It also helps us create the best and most cost effective solutions for your business.


The ITS Logistics difference

We know that not all businesses are the same and not all order fulfillment needs will have the same solution. We have the capability to design processes specific to your business and create real time software solutions to expedite pick and pack service, improve order processing and increase the accuracy of your inventory management. Simply put, our people have seen everything and helped devise solutions for a myriad of customers in the most demanding industries. Our pick and pack fulfillment service offerings are better than most because we have full engineering and IT teams in-house working directly on the perfect custom-built solution for you.

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Today’s shoppers expect their items to arrive on their doorstep quickly and they want the ability to track their product shipment every step of the way. Shippers, including UncommonGoods, an online and catalog retailer, have to find a cost-effective way to meet those demands and optimize their ecommerce order fulfillment processes.



Get started with ITS pick and pack fulfillment

Let us help you design an efficient and effective pick, pack and ship strategy for your order fulfillment process. While you’re busy working on your business, we’ll take care of the logistics as your fulfillment partner. To learn more about our pick and pack services, contact us today.

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