Reverse Logistics Solutions for Ecommerce Business

With today’s focus on ecommerce fulfillment and the increase in ecommerce returns, it is essential for companies to have efficient reverse logistics solutions in place. Returns processing, or reverse logistics, is just one piece of the larger ecommerce fulfillment process.

Leverage returns processing to benefit your business

Having a comprehensive reverse logistics program is very important, especially as the shopping industry is moving away from brick and mortar stores, and increasingly online. A reverse logistics solution that allows for convenient and easy returns on the customer’s side is becoming more and more critical.


There are many ways in which this can benefit your business. When you plan ahead for returns, you can reduce related costs and losses. However, the main benefit to having an exceptional reverse logistics system in place is customer retention. If a customer receives an item that is damaged, an incorrect size, or even the incorrect item, the way you handle returns can help maintain or even improve faith in your brand. Making the return experience easy for your customers by providing a return label in the original package and paying for return shipping can build great brand loyalty and increase your competitive advantage.



Delivering valuable insights that inform business decisions

At ITS Logistics, we know how important it is to have a great reverse logistics solution. We analyze your volume of returns, identify any patterns with returned products, and continuously improve your solution. Your percentage of sales lost to product returns is one of the metrics we provide, as well. Whether the problem is happening in the quality assurance stage, the manufacturing stage or the packaging stage, we can help you identify what’s happening and implement a solution.



All-in-one reverse logistics or processing ecommerce returns

For us, reverse logistics is an integral part of your supply chain management, not an add on. We make it a point to help you create—or perfect—a seamless reverse logistics process as part of your overall logistics solution, including inventory management for ecommerce. Generous return policies are a competitive necessity in today’s consumer-driven market, but we know it’s important to minimize the abuse of return policies. Our qualified fulfillment team will work with you to create an appropriate system that meets all of your goals. Reverse logistics services can be easily integrated into any other services you may require such as direct to consumer fulfillment, subscription box fulfillment, ecommerce drop shipping fulfillment and more. Let us work with you to help create an all-around excellent customer experience.



The ITS Logistics difference

We understand that not every ecommerce business is the same and, therefore, not each reverse logistics program should be the same. When you start working with us, we look at each aspect of your supply chain, including the reverse logistics portion, and create a comprehensive and efficient solution for your business. Let us handle the details of creating an excellent customer return experience while you focus on running your business.



How to get started

Let our fulfillment experts at ITS Logistics perfect your reverse logistics program and integrate it into the rest of your supply chain. To learn how we can help you create a comprehensive reverse logistics solution, call us today at (775) 353-5160.


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