Vendor Compliance

Big box retailers rely heavily on vendors to help their operations run smoothly. In retail distribution, effectively managing vendor relationships is a vital component of a supply chain, and vendor compliance is a key aspect of that. Most big retailers like this have established vendor compliance policies to help reduce costs, increase the speed of order processing and improve the customer experience. If your business frequently ships to big box retailers, you need to comply with their vendor requirements to avoid facing steep penalties.


Retail vendor compliance policies usually include requirements, expectations and penalties regarding service standards, delivery dates, product quality, purchase orders, paperwork requirements, and more. In order to comply with these requirements, it is vital for you to understand these policies and what is expected of you.

Supply Chain Compliance

Supply chain compliance can be challenging in the supply chain and procurement industry. Many companies are placing high importance on compliance to avoid any supply chain fraud or brand damage. As these companies are performing due diligence as part of the onboarding process for vendors, vendor compliance policies are becoming increasingly common.


In order to improve the overall shopping experience for their customers, these big box retailers are using supplier management systems to assess and monitor compliance. At ITS, we know which compliance areas are important to big retailers and we are here to help you meet these requirements and help keep your operations running smoothly.



ITS Logistics and Vendor Compliance

We know that meeting vendor compliance policies is very important to your entire supply chain, and that it can be overwhelming to keep up with requirements for shipping to big retailers. At ITS, our supply chain compliance experts are here to help you understand the requirements for different retailers and stay compliant through every step of the process.


We have extensive experience working with companies like Home Depot, Costco, Amazon, Walmart, Target and more, using this knowledge to help you stay compliant with their requirements. This allows you to focus on running your business while we worry about vendor compliance allowing you to have a seamless omnichannel experience and avoid any fees, which gives you an edge over the competition.



How to get started

At ITS Logistics, we know how important vendor compliance is, and we are here to help you stay compliant throughout your entire supply chain. Give us a call today for more information on our vendor compliance programs.

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